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On Time,
No extra charge for spots pre-spray or deodorizer.
100% GUARANTEED professional service.

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How to choose a carpet cleaning firm?
Questions to ask:

What process will be used?
Reno Carpet uses the hot water extraction method commonly called "steam cleaning". This is the industry standard and is the only method recommended by carpet manufacturers (Carpet and Rug Institute).

What about your prices?
We are aggressive in our price to give you an excellent value for your dollar. All necessary services are included in each quote. Including stairs, pre-spray, spot removal and deodorizing. No surprise fees when we arrive at your home!

Some firms will quote you a very low price.
We use products approved
by the
Carpet and Rug Institute 
When they show up, your price mysteriously increases due to "add ons" (that are really just part of getting your carpet actually clean) like pre-spray and spot removal. This is very frustrating and dishonest. This is called "Low Balling". It is especially bad when you are getting the carpets cleaned for a family event or a "move out" and there is not enough time to get another firm to do the work. So instead of getting a low price you are paying top dollar! Because of a tight time frame you have no choice but to pay.

Reno Carpets' prices are very competitive. Why? I keep my overhead low, No Big Garages, NO expensive office staff, NO franchise fees to pay (that really you pay as part of the price!). We just clean carpets: Completely, competently, at the quoted price, and we will do a great job for you!

I skied from the summit of Denali
So I know I am tougher than
the dirt on  your carpet! 
Who will do my carpets? Derek, the owner will. Derek has been cleaning carpets for 20+ years. Unlike some other companies, Derek can make decisions on the spot regarding any aspect of your service needs. He does not have to call a supervisor or the franchise owner to get the job done for you.

What kind of cleaning products will you use? We use the Chemspec industry leading line of products. Effective safe and biodegradable. IF you would like more detailed information of the Products used CLICK HERE.

What areas do you service? We service Reno and 50 miles out.

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